Level 5 Leadership and Management


Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership is a qualification aimed at individuals who intend to develop and gain formal recognition of their competence of working as managers, heads of departments or directors.  Use evidence from your workplace, so you can learn while you earn.

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The Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management and Leadership is a qualification aimed at individuals who intend to develop and gain formal recognition of their competence of working as managers, heads of departments or directors. The qualification is generic, so it is suitable for individuals working or with access to work in a variety of management and leadership roles.  In the mandatory units, all learners will cover the essentials of contributing to the development of strategic plans, designing business processes, managing strategic change and providing leadership and management. There are a range of optional units allowing learners scope to choose those areas most relevant to them.  You can use evidence from your place of work, or from voluntary work, so you can learn while you earn.

At LCAM develop your leadership and management skills and transform your career.

Sample Topic: Strategic business positioning.

What Will I Study?

To achieve this qualification, learners must complete a minimum of 53 credits: 22 credits from the Mandatory Group and a minimum of 23 credits from Optional Group A. A maximum of 8 credits can come from Optional Group B.

Group Unit No Unit Level Credit GLH
Mandatory Units
M 1 Contribute to the development of a strategic plan 5 5 31
M 2 Design business processes 5 5 23
M 3 Manage strategic change 5 7 25
M 4 Provide leadership and management 4 5 28
Optional Units Group A
A 5 Establish business risk management processes 5 5 29
A 6 Promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion 5 5 26
A 7 Develop and manage collaborative relationships with other organisations 5 5 28
A 8 Optimise the use of technology 5 6 29
A 9 Manage product and/or service development 5 5 23
A 10 Develop and maintain professional networks 4 3 15
A 11 Develop and implement an operational plan 4 5 24
A 12 Encourage learning and development 4 3 16
A 13 Discipline and grievance management 4 3 26
A 14 Develop working relationships with stakeholders 4 4 20
A 15 Manage a tendering process 4 4 21
A 16 Manage physical resources 4 4 26
A 17 Manage the impact of work activities on the environment 4 4 30
A 18 Prepare for and support quality audits 4 3 17
A 19 Conduct quality audits 4 3 21
A 20 Manage a budget 4 4 26
A 21 Manage a project 4 7 38
A 22 Manage business risk 4 6 27
A 23 Manage knowledge in an organisation 4 5 34
A 24 Recruitment, selection and induction practice 4 6 33
A 25 Manage redundancy and redeployment 4 6 39
A 26 Lead the development of a knowledge management strategy 7 7 33
A 27 Lead the development of a quality strategy 7 4 20
A 28 Lead the development of a continuous improvement strategy 7 5 28
A 29 Manage strategic marketing activities 5 7 28
Optional Units Group B
B 30 Manage Health and Safety in own area of responsibility 4 5 15
B 31 Contribute to the design and development of an information system 4 5 23
B 32 Manage information systems 4 6 30
B 33 Manage events 4 6 49
B 34 Manage customer service operations 4 7 23
B 35 Review the quality of customer service 4 4 20
B 36 Developing sales proposals 4 5 30
B 37 Prioritising information for sales planning 4 3 20

When Will I Study?

Start Date: Flexible

Length of Course: The maximum time that you may take to complete your course is 9 months.

Where Will I Study?

This is a 100% distance learning course so it’s your choice.  Study at home, at work, on the beach or on the go.

How Will I Study?

Online tutorials, videos, elearning materials, activities, projects, one-to-one support and more to equip you with the knowledge and skills that you will need to pass the course.

How Will I Be Assessed?

You will create a portfolio of evidence.

Entry Criteria

You do not need to have specific qualifications to do this course.

We do recommend that you have a:

  • good command of English (written and spoken)
  • general understanding of business and management practices

Equipment and Resources

You need to be computer literate and have:

  • access to a computer (a tablet or smart phone may also be used and will require an app to be installed)
  • access to the internet

You may also need occasional access to a printer.

Job Prospects

Visit prospects.ac.uk for further information.

Jobs directly related to your course could include:

Jobs where your course would be useful include:

The Future of Business Fleets – As a strategic leader how would you develop a vision for how self-driving cars can enhance the competitive edge of your business?

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